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Anastasia Polydorou

PhD Student (year 1)

Research Groups:

  • Bone & Joint

  • MiNaTher

Anastasia completed her Undergraduate degree in Biomedicine and Anatomy at Cardiff University prior to pursuing a Masters degree in Tissue Engineering in 2016-17 with Cardiff University Institute of Tissue Engineering and Regeneration. Her research project explored the application of dental pulp stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles in bone repair and investigated differences in osteogenic potency between stem cell subpopulations, under the supervision of Professor Rachel Waddington.

Bubbles for bone: acoustic stimulation for drug delivery in fracture repair


Her interest in the field of bone regeneration lead her to her current position, a first year PhD student in a cross-disciplinary Bioengineering program between the school of Engineering and the University Hospital of Southampton, under the supervision of Dr. Nick Evans and Dr. Dario Carugo . Her project intercepts the field of Tissue Engineering for bone regeneration with novel Nano and Micro Therapeutics, exploring acoustically stimulated nanodroplets and microbubbles for the delivery and release of drugs or molecules to induce bone fracture repair.

Anastasia worked with a children’s activity summer camp for 10 years prior to starting her Masters, where she got to enjoy all her favorite things; outdoor activities including hiking, river walking and camping in addition to working with children.

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