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Antonio De Grazia

PhD Student (year 3)

Research Groups:

  • Bone & Joint

  • SEMS Group

Antonio obtained his BSc degree (2013) in Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering at Università Magna Græcia di Catanzaro (Catanzaro, Italy) and his MSc degree (2015) in Materials Science and Engineering at KAUST (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia). For his Master programme, Antonio developed a novel microfluidic device to analyse single cells through Raman spectroscopy under the supervision of Prof. Enzo Di Fabrizio and Dr. Gerardo Peroziello.

Microfluidic cell arrays to study single-cell behaviour in large populations of cells

Now, Antonio is doing a PhD at the University of Southampton under the supervision of Dr. Maurits de Planque (Electronics and Computer Science) and Dr Nick Evans (Medicine). The aim of the project is to develop a microfluidic platform able to enumerate large populations of cells and image subcellular details in stem cells and drug delivery processes.

Antonio likes running, cycling and swimming (a triathlon is his dream) and he is in the Volleyball Team of the University. He also likes photography and has a photo blog which should keep more updated (note to self) .

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