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Agnieszka Janeczek

Founder and BD Manager at Renovos

Agnieszka earned her Bachelor and Master degrees in Medical Biotechnology from Medical University in Poznan, Poland. There, she worked as a researcher under the supervision of Prof. Maciej Kurpisz. Her studies focused on genetic engineering of murine and human muscle stem cells with proangionenic growth factors, for application in myocardial infarction. Agnieszka pursued her graduate studies in Stem Cell Biology at University of Southampton and is currently a final year PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Nick Evans. She studies how the Wnt signalling pathway affects skeletal stem cells of the human bone marrow, concentrating on how nanoparticles, such as liposomes, can be used as a delivery method for therapeutic Wnts. Agnieszka earned several research awards and honors, including: BRS Barbara Mawer Travel Fellowship, TCES Short-Term Scientific Mission Award, Faculty of Medicine Research Conference 1st Poster Prize. Currently she's continuing her research as a post doc after being awarded a short-term MRC Fellowship.

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