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Luciana Bostan

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Postdoctoral research fellow

Dr Bostan is a very enthusiastic researcher with over 6 years experience in soft tissue interactions and response to injury; the multidisciplinary research was conducted within leading UK institutes (University of Sheffield, University of Leicester and University of Southampton).

She joined Evans lab (2019) working on skin wound healing project using bioactive nano-clay gels for diabetic foot ulcer. The work is a continuation from a former alumini, Dr Dan Page, PhD thesis with focus on the next level: Phase 0-II clinical studies.

Dr Bostan has a Bachelor degree (2007) in Medical Bioengineering (“Gr.T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iasi, Romania) with a specialisation in Biomaterials and Prosthetics Technology. After completing the university degree, she obtained a PhD bursary from French Embassy in Romania that allowed her to conduct a co-directional PhD between National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon, France (biomechanics) and “Gh.Asachi” Technical University, Iasi, Romania (polymers synthesis and characterisation). During her PhD, she investigated polymeric materials with controlled hydrophilic character with applications in articular cartilage tissue (2011).

Associated networks:

Understanding Interactions of Human Tissue with Medical Devices (UNITISS): Marie-Curie Fellow (

Medical Devices and Vulnerable Skin PLUS (MDVSNPLUS): Manager of the Network and Research Fellow (

NewMind PLUS: awarded with £15k for a project looking at appropriate detection methods to assess the risk of pressure ulcers in individuals with mental illness



Contacts with Industry:

  • Philips (Netherland): within the UNITISS project; Design and develop appropriate in-vitro testing methods that reliably simulate in-vivo conditions to look at the physical interaction of catheters.

  • Molnlycke AB (Sweden): study the physiological responses of dermal fibroblasts, keratinocytes, endothelial cells and macrophages to an applied electric field strength currently used to treat chronic wounds.

  • Essity AB (Sweden): influence of incontinence pads moisture at the loaded skin interface

  • Air Support (Japan) and Care of Sweden (Sweden): Support surfaces studies

  • Sumitomo Riko (Japan): Assessing the usability and validity of a seated pressure mat for CE marking

Luciana is passionate about travelling, dancing and reading.

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