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  • Camelia Tusan


Being a PhD student is a wonderful experience, especially when you go to conferences and present your research. It is a challenge to stay in front of the others and talk about your mysterious hypothesis that you want to elucidate. It is worth it because you receive feedback and questions which can inspire your future work or motivate you to keep going. Therefore I, Agnes, Ines, Dan and Nick decided to go to the 3rd South West Regional Regenerative Medicine Meeting on 22nd-23rd of September 2015 in Bristol. It was a great experience which provided us an overview upon research in regenerative medicine from across the South West. Moreover it was an opportunity for networking and establishing new collaborations.

It was the first time I had the opportunity to present my research. I have spoken about the effect of the extracellular matrix stiffness and thickness in cellular mechanosensing and I presented results which support my hypothesis.

Agnes, Ines and Dan also gave nice presentations about their research and Nick showed a part of the nano work. All of us received questions about the things we study and some of the audience came latter for discussions.

Overall, the conference was impressive and we enjoyed being part of it.

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