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Teaching about Regenerative Medicine

It's been a busy few weeks with the start of the new semester. I currently lead an undergrad module called 'Engineering Replacement Body Parts', and I've been busy giving lectures, sorting out the admin and generall getting the students set up for the course ahead of them.

This module is an 'interdisciplinary' module - also known as Curriculum Innovation. The idea is that these courses are open to students across different faculties, and should have material in them that crosses the boundaries of particular degree courses.

This year there are students participating whose degrees include Biomedical Sciences, Biology, Psychology, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering, Law, Physics and Chemistry.

As you can imagine it's a pretty broad subject, so the idea is not to go into massive technical detail, but instead ot introduce general principles.

In week one we learned how to use the module blog (private at the moment, I'm afraid) and did some teambuilding stuff. Here's a vid of the result (they had to work in teams to make a drinking straw structure supporting a book):

Later on, I've given lectures on stem cells and tissue engineering, and the students have visited the CHDSCR labs at the hospital. Here's Camelia, introducing the students to growing mammal cells:

Fun times are ahead, with Alex Dickinson teaching the students on Thursday, but for now my our part is over.

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