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Hello from TERMIS!

To say the last few days have been uneventful would be a huge understatement. The referendum result has been done to death, so all I'll say is that we are all hugely disappointed with the outcome and we hope that something positive can be made of the current mess!

At the moment, I write this from TERMIS-EU. Termis is the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society, and this year's European meeting is in Uppsala, a beautiful university town near Stockholm in Sweden. It's a chance for scientists working in regenerative medicine to get together and share their results, and to perhaps make new collaborations to kick off new areas of research. It also really demonstrates all the good stuff that collaboration with our other EU friends (we're still in!!!!) brings. I mean, without it we probably wouldn't have had this guy

Surreal. he's called Arno Raunig and there's something special about his vocal chords. I can't remember what, but his voice was certainly memorable.

Several of the lab and other friends are presenting. Edo presented on the first day and gave a really excellent talk on his research on Wnt-loaded polymersomes.

Also Ines (who's been doing some science engagement at Glastonbury) presented a poster, but wasn't able to be there in the flesh. It all went down well though! And Antonio, PhD student with me and Maurits de Planque, also presented some of his cool data on using microfluidics to sort stem cells

Also it was great to meet friends old and new at the conference, and do all of the fun social stuff that comes with it. The dinner was in Uppsala castle in a FANTASTIC dining hall. It made it worth sitting through Rui Reis' bad jokes (hoho) about Brexit....

Also, we had a superb team from Southampton featuring in the business plan competition - Fedox. They gave a really fantastic presentation on an idea for a company, and how they are going to develop it. Well done Miguel, Catarina, Antonio. Gianluca and Estrela!!!!

Next year the conference is in Davos. If it's half as good it'll be fantastic!!!

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