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New paper out now!

It's called 'Quantification of intracellular payload release from polymersome nanoparticles'. This is the culmination of a lot of hard work from Edo, and is his first 'proper' paper from his PhD - look out for more to come shortly!

In short, Edo first made tiny polymer nanoparticles called polymersomes. He then filled them with very high concentrations of a fluorescent dye, called fluorescein. This dye usually glows green when you shine blue light on it, but because it was at such a high concentration in the nanoparticles Edo made, the fluorescence was 'quenched'. That means it didn't glow any more.

Cells chomp up nanoparticles, which is useful for drug delivery (see our 'Research' section) but sometimes it isn't easy to know if the drug goes in, or if it gets into the cell.

The cool thing about Edo's work was that the fluorescein, when it gets released from the particles, starts to glow again.... This means that it was possible to work out if the fluorescein went in, and how much of it was there. If you feel in a masochistic mood (unless you're a scientist, in which case you'll LOVE it) see this link

In brief

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