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SuperVet, FortisNET and new members!

It's a new year in the lab (well, quite new...) so a good time to catch up on things that get left behind - for example, this blog.

I'm sure there'll be plenty more to come from both of them.

In other news, I recently attended this year's FortisNet meeting with Caroline. Here we are

It was a great day again this year, with lots of exciting talks from a range of different people, academics, business people and even. ..... the SuperVet!!! Yes, that's right, Noel FitzPatrick gave two totally inspiring, reasonably controversial but hugely entertaining talks.

There was a serious message though - how observations and experience from veterinary practice might help progress in the field of orthopedics. Here's Noel after his talk. If you want to fund out a bit more, listen to Steve and my Science Shed podcast, which you can also check out on the dedicated page on this website.

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