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Sara Ferri

PhD Student (year 1)

Research Groups:

  • Bone & Joint

  • MiNaTher

Sara obtained her BSc degree (2015) and her MSc degree (2017) in Biomedical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano (Milan, Italy). Her Master programme was focused on Biomechanics and Biomaterials and her final thesis dealt with the design and modeling of a portable hemodialysis system for people affected by End Stage Renal Disease. Her MSc research at the Laboratory of Biological Structure Mechanics (LaBS) was done under the supervision of Prof. Maria Laura Costantino and Dr. Giustina Casagrande.

Bubbles for bone: acoustic stimulation for drug delivery in fracture repair


Now, she is a PhD student at the University of Southampton under the supervision of Dr. Dario Carugo and Dr. Nick Evans. The project is part of a cross-disciplinary Bioengineering program between the school of Engineering and the school of Medicine at the University of Southampton. The aim of her PhD is to create acoustic microbubbles loaded with molecules that expand into bubbles when excited by ultrasound to release drug. She will study how this can affect cells and tissues and whether or not the process can be used to stimulate stem cells to make bone and to repair bone fractures.

As for her personal life, Sara is an ice skater and she was part of a synchronized skating team training in Milan. She is also an ice skating teacher and she enjoys transmitting her passion to other people, in particular to children.

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