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Eleanor Porges

PhD Student (year 2)

Research Groups:

  • Bone & Joint

  • The Newman Lab

Eleanor graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2016, after having obtained a degree in Biological Sciences (Genetics). Upon discovering her love of microbiology, she chose to carry out a final year research project which centred around bacterial gene cloning. After enjoying the taste of what a life in a research lab could offer, Eleanor continued her studies by starting her PhD at the University of Southampton, supervised by Dr Nick Evans and Dr Tracey Newman.

Nanoparticle-based delivery of antibiotics for the treatment of intracellular bacterial infections


Eleanor’s project is looking at packaging antibiotics into tiny vesicles, called nanoparticles, with the aim of delivering them to intracellular bacterial infections. This is a step towards trying to reduce the issues faced with antibiotic resistance, and investigating ways of making the current antibiotics we have available to us work more efficiently.

Outside of the lab Eleanor is a keen horse rider, and is definitely at her happiest when galloping across some fields…!

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