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TheScienceShed is a fortnightly science podcast run by Dr Nick Evans, who’s a biologist here within the IDS at the University of Southampton, and Dr Steven Lee, another academic and physical chemist from the University of Cambridge.

Together they travel through the murky undergrowth of scientific endeavour, trying to amuse each other along the way. In their rambling chit-chats, they’ve explored topics such as how you might remove an embarrassing tattoo through the power of light, why horny toads caused a serious bun-fight in the story of evolution and how you might hide your Nobel Prize if you got invaded by Nazis.  

Steve and Nick have a great time podcasting together, but also hope to engage the public in science a bit more by doing so. The Royal Society of Chemistry recently wrote about TheScienceShed and how it is breaking down barriers, making academia more accessible to a wider audience. Read more about how Steve and Nick communicate their research effectively.

TheScienceShed is available on:

Why not follow @theevanslab or @stevethechemist on Twitter!

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