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Oliver Pattinson

Oliver pic.jpg

PhD Student (year 2)

Research Groups:

  • Bone & Joint

  • MinaTher

  • Pierron Group

'I completed my undergraduate here at the University of Southampton, a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering completed in 2019. I completed a masters design project in the bio-engineering sector designing and creating a 'Artificial Model of the Urinary System' - forming a working model of multiple aspects of the urinary system with dynamic features to mimic the in-vitro condition which was fully automated to work independently and designed to meet accurate parameters of the system in terms of bladder behaviour and material, urine flow and biological responses. 

I followed my interest in combining engineering systems with biological applications to take a research position - 'Ultrafast Imaging of Cell-Nanobubble Interactions for Bone Repair' supervised by Dr. Nick Evans, Dr. Dario Carugo and Professor Fabrice Pierron. I am researching a method of capturing the interactions between cells and nanobubbles under a high frequency ultrasound stimulation with a microscope for clear tracking of the behaviour of these cells, to apply to uses such as bone repair.


Alongside my degree and working on my research, I have represented the University Ultimate Frisbee team for the last 4 years, and am an avid player of the sport with local clubs and at regular regional and national competitions.

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